Supporting people working for a nonviolent world.

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Commonweal is an educational organisation that shares nonviolence resources in a range of ways. Our aim is to inspire, inform and connect those involved in movements for nonviolent social change. We cover these areas:

  • methods of nonviolent action
  • personal change
  • equalities
  • regenerative living
  • peace and peace-keeping
  • political and economic alternatives
Methods of nonviolent action
Protest & persuasion • non-cooperation • nonviolent intervention
Personal change
Managing emotions • nonviolent communication • DIY culture & self-sufficiency • nonviolent parenting
Tackling colonialism, slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia & transphobia • animal rights • the rights of nature
Regenerative living
Reducing waste and pollution • zero carbon initiatives • local food & energy production
Peace and peacekeeping
Disarmament • conscientious objection • resolving & preventing conflict
Political & economic alternatives
Redistributing wealth • free speech • freedom of information • democratic participation • tackling corruption

Our focus is broad because real, lasting change takes all kinds of initiatives, in all kinds of fields.

Together we can build a nonviolent world, one step at a time.

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