Our Response to Conflict – Feel

Books that help explore this Peace Museum display can be found across the Collection, but in particular you might like to read:

Nagasaki: Voices of the A-Bomb Survivors. The Nagasaki Testimonial Society Century (2009)

A collection of testimonials by people who lived through the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on 9th August 1945, three days after the bombing of Hiroshima. The experiences recorded are not just those of Japanese people, but also of Korean and Dutch prisoners who were in Nagasaki when the bomb fell. Library classification: Xj NAG – check it’s available here.

The Commonweal Collection is an independent specialist library based at the University of Bradford concerned with issues relating to nonviolent social change. It contains over 11,000 books and pamphlets, 150 journals and a variety of videos and educational materials on peace and disarmament, environmentalism and the green movement, nonviolent philosophy and practice, human rights, development and regional issues, anti-racism, identity issues, social and economic alternatives, creative education, spiritual experience and analysis of world problems. Read more about the history of the Commonweal Collection here.

The Civil Resistance Info website also provides a guide to the range of literature and resources available, and enables users to look in more depth at particular movements, key figures and organisations in the practice of nonviolent action, as well as the theory of civil resistance and important debates about nonviolence.