The Commonweal Collection

The Commonweal Collection at the JB Priestley Library at the University of Bradford is a unique collection of books, pamphlets and journals on nonviolent social change, offering a major set of archives on the history of nonviolence. Commonweal also aims to inspire, inform and connect those involved in movements for nonviolent social change.

The Collection includes many books relating to the objects in the Peace Museum, a few of which are listed here. The Commonweal Collection is free and open to the public. Find out how to join and borrow books from the University Library here.

Bayard Rustin: Behind the Scenes of the Civil Rights Movement. By James Haskins (1997)

A biography of Bayard Rustin, civil rights activist, CND campaigner, LGBTQ+ advocate and Quaker. The Peace Museum chose a font called ‘Bayard’ for their branding, in order to reference the strength and spirit contained within the call-to-action graphics of activism. Library classification: Ha RUS – check it’s available here.

The Commonweal Collection is an independent specialist library based at the University of Bradford concerned with issues relating to nonviolent social change. It contains over 11,000 books and pamphlets, 150 journals and a variety of videos and educational materials on peace and disarmament, environmentalism and the green movement, nonviolent philosophy and practice, human rights, development and regional issues, anti-racism, identity issues, social and economic alternatives, creative education, spiritual experience and analysis of world problems. Read more about the history of the Commonweal Collection here.

The Civil Resistance Info website also provides a guide to the range of literature and resources available, and enables users to look in more depth at particular movements, key figures and organisations in the practice of nonviolent action, as well as the theory of civil resistance and important debates about nonviolence.