The best nonviolence resources? Your suggestions, please!

We are delighted to introduce the shiny new Commonweal website! We’ll be using this site, and Facebook and Twitter, to let you know what we’re up to as we undertake a new project in the coming months.

Funding for both the site and the project has been granted by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. Thank you, JRCT!

So what are these plans of yours…?

On social media, we’ll be sharing a broader range of content for people working for nonviolence – campaigns, events, personal testimonies, tips for resilience, and anything else we find that keeps activists informed and inspired.

But we want to do more.

From managing a physical collection of nonviolence books and journals, we’ve learnt that there are some real gems out there that enable people to challenge the violence they encounter in their everyday lives.

The right resources can empower individuals or groups to effectively tackle racism, poverty, waste, bullying, violent crime, and so much more, both locally and at the wider, structural level. Nonviolent solutions exist – people just need to know about them.

Some of the many thousands of nonviolence resources in the Commonweal Collection

So we want to help busy activists get at the best resources easily…

How will you do that, then?

1) We’ll be asking a range of people to recommend their favourite books, DVDs and other resources on nonviolent solutions. (Any format is fine as long as a physical copy can be purchased and it can be widely used.) We’ll share these recommendations on social media, and store the details on this site to create an information resource.

2) We’ll be buying copies of selected items from the list and giving them away as prizes – follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on that!

3) Because there’s a limit to our budget, we want to encourage others to do some of the giving, where possible. If you’ve been inspired by a particular book, could you afford to donate a copy to a local organisation that needs its wisdom? Or if a community group has helped you through difficult times, could you buy them one of the resources we recommend? #PayItForward

Do you already have in mind a book or other resource that helps people live and solve problems nonviolently? If so, please tell us about it. (Having a look at the Commonweal Collection’s unique classification list might spark a few ideas.)

Otherwise, simply look out for more news and invitations from us, here and on Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward to learning and sharing more about nonviolent solutions with all the members of our online community!

That's all nonviolence is - organized love. - Joan Baez