If you’re an activist, student or researcher with an interest in nonviolence and civil resistance, here’s a site you’ll probably find useful. is an independent website that is

maintained by people committed to opposing war and all forms of injustice, and promoting understanding of nonviolence and nonviolent social change.

It collates key resources and developments in nonviolent and civil resistance movements, past and present.

The background

In 2006, Housmans in London published People Power and Protest Since 1945: A Bibliography of Nonviolent Action, which was edited by Michael Randle, April Carter and the late Howard Clark. Howard Clark also set up and made the work available there.

People Power and Protest Since 1945: A Bibliography of Nonviolent Action

People Power and Protest Since 1945: A Bibliography of Nonviolent Action

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Commonweal couldn’t run without the input of its capable trustees, so we thought we’d introduce you to some of them!

First up is Ellie Clement. Ellie has been a trustee since 2005. In her day job, she is the Management and Law Librarian at the University of Bradford’s Management Library. She is also a parent and an activist.

Ellie Clement

When did you first get involved with Commonweal?

I became aware of Commonweal in 1998/1999. I was doing my librarian qualification in Loughborough, and my partner at the time was studying Peace Studies at Bradford. So I visited it when visiting him.

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The Peace Museum, located in Bradford, is something quite special. With over 7,000 items in its collections, it’s a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace and the only accredited museum of its kind in the UK.

From its website:

Our vision is to be seen as a national resource that educates and inspires people for peace, using a unique collection of artefacts and stories.

We asked the Peace Museum’s Marketing and Press Assistant, Sarah Bartey, to tell us what goes on at the Museum and what it’s like to work there.

Sarah Bartey, Marketing and Press Assistant at the Peace Museum

Sarah Bartey, Marketing and Press Assistant at the Peace Museum

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New times call for new stock

Since the 1950s, Commonweal has collected books and other resources that help us to eliminate violence from our world, in order to loan them out to people who want to make that happen.

Of course, to keep our collection relevant, we need to keep adding new titles. All our stock is donated, so we rely on the hard work of the volunteers who request new items and the generosity of those who donate them.

We’ve just overhauled our approach to acquiring new stock so that we can do this more effectively. This means there are now more ways for volunteers to become involved – more on that below! Continue reading Reading for peace in the 21st century: refreshing the Commonweal Collection

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If you’re interested in contemporary peaceful protest and you’re in reach of Bradford or Liverpool, you’ve been well catered for recently.

In July, Bradford’s Peace Museum opened its new exhibition Protest! In Our Time.

This exhibition tells the stories of those who are campaigning for peace NOW. Protests, demonstrations, vigils, conscientious objection, activism. Come and hear their stories. Find out how peaceful campaigning remains more relevant than ever.

Protest! In Our Time, The Peace Museum, Bradford

Protest! In Our Time, The Peace Museum, Bradford

This is a permanent exhibition. Contact the Peace Museum for more information about visiting.

Also in July, Liverpool’s Constellations venue opened Liverpool: A City of Protest.

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In the news, we are hearing increasingly worrying statements from the leaders of the USA and North Korea about their nuclear intentions.

And today – August 9th – is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki in 1945, killing tens of thousands of people:

I had never experienced such an intense bluish light, maybe three or four times brighter than the sun shining above us.

All in all, today seems like a good day to show you this pamphlet from the Commonweal Archives…

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We are delighted to introduce the shiny new Commonweal website! We’ll be using this site, and Facebook and Twitter, to let you know what we’re up to as we undertake a new project in the coming months.

Funding for both the site and the project has been granted by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. Thank you, JRCT!

So what are these plans of yours…?

On social media, we’ll be sharing a broader range of content for people working for nonviolence – campaigns, events, personal testimonies, tips for resilience, and anything else we find that keeps activists informed and inspired.

But we want to do more.

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