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On May 16th 2018, guest blogger Dave Bradley went along to the Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool, UK, to hear about the art of protest photography from Ahmad Al-Bazz of ActiveStills.

Ahmad Al-Bazz

Ahmad Al-Bazz

The collective

ActiveStills is a collective of Israeli, Palestinian and international photographers, formed in 2005.

Their work sometimes covers international struggles, such as those of gold miners in South America, or protesters in Turkey.

However, their main focus is on the ongoing struggle of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. They are photographers who love their art, operate at a professional level and are determined to use images to tell the story of a colonised people, and to challenge their oppression.

The speaker

Ahmad is one of the members of ActiveStills. He is near to the end of an MA in Film and Television Studies at the University of East Anglia.

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