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Please contact us to recommend books and other resources for the Commonweal Collection. Your recommendations will be an important contribution to keeping the Collection relevant and up to date!

You can check the catalogue first to see if we already have the item, selecting ‘Commonweal Collection’ from the dropdown menu.

So that we can contact publishers, authors or reviewers to ask for donations, please paste this text into your message and fill in the details:

  • Author(s) / Editor(s)
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Year + ISBN
  • Source
  • Any notes
  • I want you to keep my email address on file and let me know if this title is added to the Collection. YES/NO [delete as applicable]
  • If the item is added to the Collection, I am happy for you to use my name when you announce the addition on social media. YES/NO [delete as applicable]

 Here’s an example suggestion: Continue reading Which new works belong in a 21st-century nonviolence library?

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