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Commonweal supports grassroots activists who work for a nonviolent world.

Another term for ‘grassroots activists’ is ‘ordinary people who act on what they believe in’.

We’re here to share nonviolent solutions to the big problems that billions of us face, including conflict, war, pollution, racism, poverty, bullying, climate change, waste, inequality, economic exploitation & despair.

New in 2017

We are grateful to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust for funding us to expand our activities this year. Here and on social media, we’ll be sharing information and recommending resources that help people bring about nonviolent social change.

We also want to learn from people of all backgrounds, anywhere in the world, about what other kinds of support they need to find nonviolent solutions to problems at home, at school, at work or anywhere else.

There will also be prizes!

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